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Aloha Also Means "Goodbye"

Movie Mirror and TV Super Special

It's that time of year again. Pineapples ripen under a warm sun, the waves roll in at Diamond Head and Jack Lord is talking about quitting Hawaii Five-0.

It's become an annual ceremony around contract time, but this year, his 12th as Steve McGarrett, it looks like he means it. During his show's April to December shooting schedule, he's up at 4 A.M., and seldom home before dark.

"At times I put in over 100 hours a week on the show," grouses Jack, who insists on overseeing every aspect - from shooting schedules to scripts. His single-minded dedication has not won him unqualified admiration.

For every fan who calls him a perfectionist, there's an enemy to snarl "Tyrannical!" In any case, he is not likely to care. Shyness and self-doubt are not part of his personality. He's perfectly capable of telling an interviewer seriously, "Hawaii Five-0 has given the people of this state a whole industry, the tourist industry, we never had before."

On the other hand, he really is in love with his adopted home, boosts it proudly and sincerely whenever he can and constantly credits its unspoiled beauty with winning viewers for the show. He's a tourist attraction himself, these days, with sightseeing buses stopping regularly at his beachfront home.

Jack's showplace condominium is shared with Marie De Narde, the fashion designer he wed 26 years ago, and still calls, "the only girl for me - my strong right arm, my inspiration, my full-time partner and dearest friend." She must be - Marie gets up at 3:30 every workday morning to make her man a hot breakfast. In return, the man known as the scourge of Hawaiian bad guys leaves little love notes hidden away for her before he leaves.

Clearly, there's more to Jack than the stone jaw and immobile hair of McGarrett. There's a relaxed side that has "gone native" in Hawaii, that loves to run on the white beach, skin dive, wear Aloha shirts and straw hats, and says things like, "I'll get out in a koawood box." And inside, is a dreamy romantic, who was born in Brooklyn and found his paradise half a world away, a man who knows how to love deeply and lastingly, whether the loved one is a part, a place, or a wife. He isn't an easy man to get next to, but whatever does, is with Jack Lord forever.

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