Has anyone seen THE PEOPLE VS. OJ SIMPSON on Netflix?

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Has anyone seen THE PEOPLE VS. OJ SIMPSON on Netflix?

Postby ringfire211 » Sun Mar 12, 2017 7:01 pm

Absolutely riveting 10 episodes which I just finished! You know the story and you know the outcome yet it's absolutely suspenseful and the acting is off the charts - especially by the trio of Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark, Sterling K. Brown as Christopher Darden, and Courtney B. Vance as Johnnie Cochran. John Travolta is a bit OTT as Robert Shapiro but seems to be having fun chewing up the scenery. David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian and Nathan Lane as F. Lee Bailey were also quite good. As was Bruce Greenwood as Gil Garcetti. Overall I was really impressed how closely all the actors resembled the people they played. The only one who bothered me was Cuba Gooding, Jr. as O.J. He really looks and sounds nothing like Simpson. Too small, too squirrely looking, and his high pitched voice was really distracting. He's a good actor and he does have some good scenes but I just feel like he was wrong for this part.

I highly recommend this much lauded miniseries. One of the best things I've watched in recent years. Of course it helps that I lived through this event. I was finishing middle school when all this happened so this was definitely a part of my growing up in the 90s. I didn't really follow all the details at the time but I remember all those names - Marcia, Darden, Cochran, Shapiro, Mark Fuhrman, Kato Kaelin, Judge Lance Ito. Is there anyone who doesn't remember them? Every time you turned on the TV there was the trial being broadcast for all the world to see. It truly was a media circus and one of the grossest miscarriages of justice in modern history. I actually delved into the details of the case a few years back - around the 20 year anniversary of the events. Lots of hours on YouTube watching the trial which honestly didn't interest me back in the 90s, when I was too busy immersing my young mind in FIVE-O, KNIGHT RIDER, A-TEAM, etc. :)
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