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Luther -- BBC TV show

Postby Mr. Mike » Sat Oct 29, 2016 6:04 pm

I recently binge-watched the BBC show Luther which is a "psychological cop show" in that the titular character, played by Idris Elba (considered to be a James Bond candidate for a few seconds a while back -- note, Ringfire) is a very clever profiler-type guy who can look at a crime scene and immediately figure out lots of things. But, Luther has LOTS of personal demons such as the fact that his wife left him for another man, etc., etc.

Anyway, because this show is "from England," which, of course, means that it is better than anything on US TV (sarcasm here), I had high expectations. But it seems that the writers for Luther took the same Bad TV Writing correspondence school course as the writers for Five-Zero.

The show had several things I dislike, such as the use of pop songs to suggest feelings to viewers as if they are too stupid to make up their own minds. (Luther does have a very cool main theme, which is also a song, though). There are also what I think are issues with geography, where police can get to anywhere in London in the nick of time to prevent something horrible from happening.

The show does have some very annoying TV (and film) tropes, such as scenes where characters find themselves in Reservoir Dogs-like standoffs where two characters are pointing guns at each other, or maybe one really bad character is pointing a gun at some character who doesn't have a gun at all (like Luther, who doesn't usually use guns).

What happens in these scenes, where you would typically expect one character to immediately shoot the other, is that there is suddenly all this explaining and rationalization from one or both of the characters which cause the standoff to go ON ... and ON ... and ON, usually to the point where one of the characters will disarm the other or someone else will sneak up behind the bad guy and disarm him.

The other trope, which is a real cliché, is where there are "not normal" weird thumping noises somewhere in a house like the second floor, an attic or a basement, and the characters don't just do something logical like call the police. Instead, they go and investigate this, and, of course, this noise is produced by Mr. Crazed Serial Killer who will suddenly appear from behind a door in the room where the noise is coming from!

Anyway (HUGE SPOILER COMING HERE), in season three of Luther (and seasons for this show range between 2 and 6 episodes only, thank God) Luther is framed by these Internal Affairs (IA) types, one of whom is a woman who he used to work with and he a had a big run-in with, the other is an "un-retired" cop who looks and sounds like Liam Neeson. Both of these people totally want to end Luther's career, especially since he is reknowned for "taking matters into his own hands" on many occasions, and they try to get Luther's partner to help with the frame.

While chasing a suspect in a case who dislikes the way the justice system releases people like pedophiles after they serve their time and who wants to take the law into his own hands about punishing these people after they are freed, Luther's partner is killed by this vigilante. But the IA types use this as an excuse to put the screws to Luther, arresting him for the murder of his partner, especially since there are no witnesses.

Mr. Liam Neeson clone says because Luther has too many friends, they have to move him, so they drive him to some presumably secret location. But while they are on the way there, the car drives over a spike belt. Then suddenly, the car is broken into by this person wearing what looks like a gas mask, who overpowers the two IA cops and frees Luther! This person is later revealed to be Alice Morgan, who we have not seen since the end of the previous season. (See for more information about this character and her relationship to Luther, this is very complicated.)

Anyway, this is a real "What the fuck is going on here?" moment where you have to ask: how did Morgan know that they were going to be in this specific place at a specific time in order to pull off this manoeuvre? This is right up there with the infamous "claw" in Five-Zero in terms of utter stupidity.
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Re: Luther -- BBC TV show

Postby ringfire211 » Sun Oct 30, 2016 2:19 am

Idris Elba CANNOT be Bond. EVER! Bond is a white guy. End of story! That's as bad as making Shaft a white character. I'd love to hear the outrage from the black community or the "politically correct" community if we were to propose a white John Shaft. That's right - y'all better accept Tom Cruise as Shaft, otherwise I'm calling y'all racists!
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