Hawaii Five-0 Episode 13 Review

(Ke Kinohi The Beginning)

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13. Ke Kinohi (The Beginning)
Original air date: 01/03/11

Finally -- a total kick-ass episode, with McGarrett taking on multiple villains, including the boss of the local yakuza, Hiro Noshimuri (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), Hiro's brother Koji (William Maeda), the man who was responsible for McGarrett's mother getting blown up in the family car years before (the intended victim was McGarrett's father), as well as a gang of bosozoku, low-level yakuza punk enforcers, and almost Wo Fat himself!

Tagawa, playing a local industrialist big shot who is chummy with the Governor, is unbelievably slimy -- one of the most sinister villains in the history of Five-O, old and new. This guy gave me the creeps, making me feel like fast-forwarding to the next scene, since I didn't want to see what was going to happen between him and our boy. But McGarrett did not back down when dealing with him. The show also brought back Al Harrington, Ben from the original series, as Mamo Kahike, owner of a surf rental place, who knew McGarrett and his family years before. Chin Ho did his usual geeky number, supplying expository information and extracting cel phone data; Kono got to take charge of the investigation at the Pipeline Club, hangout for the yakuza punks.

As seen in a previous show, McGarrett's sister Mary Ann was snooping in their father's Champion sparkplug tool box, and trying to get answers about what happened to her mother from HPD. Unfortunately, this just got her in hot water, because at the beginning of this show, thugs break into McGarrett's place, steal the box and taser him, then kidnap Mary Ann from her beachfront house, leading to a dramatic helicopter rescue with McGarrett and Danno following a car where she is locked in the trunk. I didn't understand how Mary Ann could be talking to McGarrett on her cel phone from inside the trunk -- wouldn't the two goons driving the car have taken it from her? Even if they were too dumb not to, wouldn't they have heard her talking (after all, she is just behind the rear seat) and also heard the noise when she kicked out the back turn signal so she could get an idea where she was and relay that information back to her brother? Is it even possible to easily kick out the turn signal on this model of car?

There was the usual banter between McGarrett and Danno in this episode, but instead of just revealing Danno to be an annoying individual, it actually advanced the plot. The photography in the teaser had a couple of cool moments, with a shot of McGarrett at an odd angle, and especially when the tool box was dragged past the unconscious McGarrett lying on the floor. Now if only those background process shots while McGarrett and Danno are driving could be in focus...

The music was less objectionable than normal, though I don't know if that was because the action on screen was so overwhelming, or because Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready reportedly had something to do with it. The script was a first time Five-O effort by Nicole Ranadive, who was involved with "24" for almost 100 episodes as either script co-ordinator, script supervisor or writer, including the entire fourth season which Five-O executive producer Peter Lenkov co-executive produced. (Lenkov wrote the story for this Five-O episode.) Let's hope it won't be her last.


  • When the Governor asked McGarrett for a beer, I'm surprised he didn't say to her, "Sure, you're paying for it," as he whipped one out of the fridge in his office.
  • At Mary Ann's place, a tooth is found on the floor, later identified as belonging to one of the bosozoku punks. Considering it's a molar, not a front tooth, it's hard to imagine how it got extracted thanks to the relatively puny Mary Ann.
  • The picture of Al Harrington's character taken from his driver's license is not a particularly flattering one.
  • The Kekipi helicopter used to follow Mary Ann's kidnappers is number N6077H.
  • Hiro Noshimuri's birthdate on his Japanese passport (number GND-239940) is 12/29/61, about 11 years after actor Tagawa's actual birth date.
  • McGarrett confronts Noshimuri at a restaurant in the Pauahi Tower, an actual Honolulu landmark. The cel phone number that one of the punks was calling (Noshimuri's phone) was 808-555-0184. It's hard to comprehend why the "powerful and connected" Noshimuri could have gone to the Pipeline Club and handled the toolbox, leaving his fingerprints all over it, which lead to his downfall.
  • Several weeks prior to this show being broadcast, there was a huge blow-up on Twitter and various WWW sites with Taryn Manning releasing comments through Twitter which suggested her character was going to be knocked off. But this all came to nothing. One wonders if this was all a setup!
  • There is an explanation for how Wo Fat can get into prison easily to talk to Hesse in the last episode -- because Wo Fat is an unknown quantity.